Sweat Action! | SPENGA Fitness Gym | Tampa, Florida

Introducing Spenga Fitness—located in Tampa, Florida. The first fitness studio of its kind to put equal focus on cardio, strength, and flexibility all in one 60-minute workout. When their franchise owners reached out for help to create content that could help them stand out in their community, VIBE Media answered the call. We provided helpful preproduction resources such as mapping out how and when to shoot each video and on camera interview set ups. We also offered to have all day access to the gym facility so we could capture videos of the gym in action. 

A Day at the Gym: Creating Standout Content for Spenga Fitness

VIBE Media’s work extended beyond video production as we leveraged various filmmaking tools such as slow motion shots and aerial drone footage to bring it all together. This enabled us to create engaging social media content that highlighted what makes SPENGA unique while also demonstrating their commitment to fitness and wellness. The results were successful almost immediately; within days of posting one of the videos we created, there was a significant boost in brand awareness on social media—a testament to the quality of our work. 

Take Your Brand to the ‘Next Chapter’ with VIBE

At VIBE Media, we are dedicated to creating high-quality content that accurately represents businesses across multiple platforms—all tailored for maximum engagement with your target audiences. If you are looking for a team of creative filmmakers who can help craft your story into something meaningful, reach out for a branding discovery call today! 

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