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F3 Energy, a sports nutrition company based in Phoenix, AZ, turned to VIBE Media to refresh its product photography and online branding assets. As experts in video and photo production for small businesses, VIBE Media delivered a gorgeous photoshoot to capture the energy and clarity of F3’s fitness beverages.

About F3 Energy

Founded in Phoenix, F3 Energy produces sports drinks that provide clean energy to fuel workouts and training. Their beverages are formulated with nutrients like ginkgo biloba and ginseng extract that enhance mental clarity and delay exhaustion. With a focus on endurance and performance, F3 Energy empowers fitness enthusiasts to sustain intense exercise and achieve their goals. Their products are designed with taste and health in mind, so customers can enjoy a delicious treat while reaping the benefits of clean energy.

F3 Energy Product Photography

The Project: Product Photography Shoot

To elevate its e-commerce presence, F3 Energy hired VIBE Media to execute a product photoshoot. The project’s goal was to capture enticing, high-quality images for the F3 Energy website, social channels, and online retailers such as Amazon and

VIBE Media collaborated closely with F3’s marketing team to develop the photoshoot strategy and creative direction. Together, they devised specific lifestyle scenarios and composed artful arrangements of the beverage products. The VIBE team also leveraged their state-of-the-art production studio, lighting gear, and photo editing software to execute the vision with stunning visuals.

In just two weeks, VIBE Media delivered a comprehensive library of lifestyle, product, and brand photos for F3 Energy’s digital initiatives. The images showcase the drinks in an aspirational yet relatable health and wellness context. With vibrant colors and thoughtful styling, the photos align with F3’s energetic brand identity.

Project Perks

The photoshoot with VIBE Media offered numerous benefits beyond high-quality photos, including:

  • Strategy Sessions to align brand messaging, visual style, and content needs.
  • A Creative Collaboration between VIBE’s production team and F3’s marketing team
  • Custom Shot Lists tailored to F3’s e-commerce goals
  • Artistic Freedom to conceptualize unique and compelling lifestyle scenarios
  • Quick Turnaround Time thanks to VIBE’s streamlined content creation process

Great communication leading up to our shoot and an even better final product!

Gaelan Benes – Chief Marketing Director, F3 Energy

Product photography is a powerful tool for product brands looking to enhance their visual look. Product photography, unlike other types of photography, focuses on the product itself that is being sold or showcased. It is designed to put emphasis on the item for sale and draw attention to its features. Product photography can be used to create a distinctive look, set apart from competitors’ products. It can also be used to showcase innovative design features and make a statement about quality. In addition, product photography helps to establish an emotional connection with potential customers, allowing them to get an idea of how the product looks and feels in real life.

Product photography can be beneficial for brands who are looking to stand out amongst their competitors and attract more attention from potential customers. Creating high-quality visuals that give a better idea of what the product actually looks like in real life, can help bring more attention to the brand’s products and increase sales. By using professional techniques such as lighting, angles, and editing software, brands can enhance their visual appeal and make their products stand out from those of their competitors. Furthermore, product photos provide customers with more information about the item so they can make an informed decision when buying.

Overall, product photography offers great benefits for any brand looking to enhance the visual look of its products. It provides greater clarity so customers have a better understanding of what they are buying and creates an emotional connection between them and the brand’s products as well as helping brands stand apart from competitors’ offerings. Quality product photos help build trust among customers by showcasing innovative design features and providing extra information about the product which leads directly to increased sales.

Stand Out Your Brand

For health, wellness, and fitness companies like F3 Energy, powerful visual content is crucial for engaging customers online. VIBE Media’s product photography services enable brands to showcase their identity in an authentic, eye-catching way.

Ready to refresh your e-commerce branding? Reach out to VIBE Media for a custom content strategy session. Our team of creative filmmakers and photographers will help your products shine online.

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