There is Strength in these Photos | Gage Babcock | Fitness Photoshoot for Online Personal Trainer Tempe, AZ

Gage Babcock is an Online Personal Trainer based in Tempe, Arizona and owner of Knights Table Strength. He focuses on helping like-minded entrepreneurs reach their physical fitness goals while providing the knowledge and confidence to help them thrive in their business success. 

Building a Stronger Brand: The VIBE Media Approach

When Gage Babcock approached VIBE Media for help with his photography and social media presence, we were eager to assist. To help him get noticed, they coordinated a photo shoot at a local gym where Gage was able to showcase his workout techniques as well as his branding. VIBE Media also incorporated special effects – such as slow-motion footage and colorful lighting – to give extra emphasis to the photos being taken during the session. 

Capturing Attention through Creative Storytelling

The end result was multiple photos edited for optimal use across various platforms for Gage’s personal brand promotion. Through creative storytelling and cinematic imagery crafted by VIBE Media, Gage was able to capture the attention of an online audience that had previously been difficult to acquire. 

Photography plays a vital role in fitness branding, as it helps to create the perfect visual representation of a brand’s products and services. Professional photographs ensure that an individual or company puts their best foot forward when it comes to showcasing its offerings. A well-crafted photograph can help convey a message about the quality of a brand’s goods or services, and it can even be used as a powerful tool to market those same offerings. Photography also allows fitness brands to reach bigger audiences with high-quality visuals that are sure to grab attention. All in all, photography is an essential part of any successful fitness branding strategy.

I had the pleasure of working with Rich and his team on a shoot to add professional quality photos to my business’s brand, and I was beyond satisfied! Incredibly professional, caters to your needs, and ensures they get the job done right. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for the next thing to take your business to that next level!

Gage Babcock

Wanna Create New Photo Content for your Brand?

Small business owners looking for custom photoshoots or digital marketing solutions need not look any further than VIBE Media. Whether you require photos, videos, or even animation production services, reach out today for more information, or sign up for a branding discovery call for tailored advice on how best to utilize VIBE Media’s services! 

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