Lighting our way to a Million Dollars!  | Millionaires to Billionaires Podcast | Phoenix, AZ, Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, NV, L.A. CA

VIBE Media recently worked with Millionaires to Billionaires (FGMB) to bring their podcast to life. With onsite support and professional video production tools, VIBE Media was able to help the FGMB team achieve the look and feel they were after. VIBE Media created an equipment list that included cameras, lights and sound, while also providing consultation services on how best to use them. This allowed them to create a cinematic.

Journey Across States: Tailored Assistance for Each Episode Production

In addition to pre-production planning, VIBE Media also traveled with the FGMB team from Arizona to Miami Florida, Las Vegas and LA California for ongoing consultation and assistance with recording each episode. With this extra level of attention, FGMB was able to push the boundaries of what is possible in podcasting and turn it into something truly unique. 

We have been working with VIBE Media for our Millionaires To Billionaires Podcast Show for the last 8 months. We appreciate your guys hard work and dedication to making everything on point and looking good! Whenever we do shows or events they are there on time and ready to grind. Thank you for everything you guys do for our company and continue to do! Excited for the future!!

Blake Hahn – Co-Host Millionaires to Billionaires Podcast

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Check Out Our Lighting Setup in this Episode:

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