UFC Needs a Medic!! | ManaMed, Inc | Video Production for a Medical Device Company in Las Vegas, NV & Dallas, TX

ManaMed, Inc. is an industry leader in medical equipment manufacturing, with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and Dallas, Texas. They specialize in cutting-edge orthopedic solutions and equiptment designed to meet the specific needs of both physicians and patients. Recently, ManaMed partnered up with the UFC Performance Institute and they wanted to leverage their partnership for positioning themselves as a resource partner for other sport organizations. 

Highlighting ManaMed’s Collaboration with the UFC Performance Institute

VIBE Media was asked to create a video that highlighted this partnership with the UFC Performance Institute and provide ManaMed an opportunity to showcase their products and services. To emphasize the partnership between ManaMed and the UFC Performance Institute, VIBE Media utilized multiple techniques to highlight the partnership in their video which included: 

  • Preproduction Strategy Sessions, Storyboards and thorough prepwork so that the production went smoothly 
  • 2 days of shooting at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada  
  • 4 man crew capturing behind-the-scenes content, working with talent on camera coaching and directing while maintaining a fully customized look for their final video product. 
  • On-screen interviews with representatives from both parties discussing how their partnership has enabled them to reach new audiences and expand their business offerings.  
  • Video footage of products and services were also used to showcase ManaMed’s product knowledge, expertise, and customer service capabilities. 
  • Customized look and feel to create the emotional connection between viewer and ManaMed’s mission statement. 

They took our vision and turn it into a reality, bringing our brand to life in ways we never thought possible. Their expertise in all areas of branding, from design to messaging to execution, was truly impressive… They truly are the best of the best!

Mark Baclawski, Content Manager, ManaMed, Austin, Texas

Creating Connection: Emotionally Engaging Storytelling with VIBE Media

For small business owners looking for innovative ways to get noticed and stand out from their competition, VIBE Media can help create powerful videos that allow businesses to effectively tell stories that connect customers emotionally with your brands’ mission statement – thus allowing potential customers access what you have to offer from anywhere around the world. Reach out today for more information or sign up for a branding discovery call for tailored advice on how best to utilize video production services for marketing success!

Final Video Here:

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